Aisha N Ahmed

London, UK

Last month I had the privilege of completing the Heart of Design Masterclass with the esteemed Peter Gould of Gould Studios.

I was in the company of many great minds and was awed by their drive, thoughts and experience. All participants had a shared objective to add meaning to their work through connecting spirituality and heart to their vision.

The masterclass is not only for ‘designers’ in the traditional sense, but for anyone and everyone looking for direction in how to create with heart.

I came out on the other side of the course with clarity of purpose and a clearer mindset. I have learned so much to implement in my approach to my work as a lawyer and also in any other endeavours be they for profit or not. Ultimately, the course has given me key principles to bring greater value to any project: sincerity, intentionality, craftmanship, gratitude, service and blessings.

Peter’s classes also included many snippets of wisdom taken from classic and contemporary thinkers which put the key principles into a wider context and serve as reminders of how to get the best out of yourself to create the best work.

My sincere thanks to Peter for taking the time to prepare and deliver the course and to his team, especially Subhi Bora, for facilitating. I am truly grateful!

Dolapo Sulyman

Los Angeles

I wanted to take minute to express my appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of this course.

I really felt that the course was very well designed to challenge the participant to shift the mindset towards design as a spiritual practice and more so to sincerely design from the heart with empathy that starts with engaging the desired audience for a “product”. 

I loved engaging with the like-hearted community and have come across truely like-hearted individuals that have inspired my journey going forward - not the least of whom is Peter’s very inspiring.

Thank you all so much again for the beautiful and inspiring content!

Radia Lahlou

Rabat, Morocco

I was blessed to join the first cohort of Peter’s Masterclass, The Heart of Design, initially not knowing whether I would fit in given my science/engineering background. It turned out to be amazingly enriching and inspirational, while remaining intelligible. 

Peter has a powerful ability to federate members from various walks of life, and has a natural talent and eagerness for community inception and nurture. He compiled a meaningful selection of state-of-the-art design and entrepreneurship knowledge, through his own experienced lens and in a fluid manner, and gracefully complemented it with the missing spiritual essence, all in an accessible 5-week format. 

His leadership style by inclusiveness and empowerment proved to be valuable in his way of presenting the content; as a coherent embodiment of the masterclass’s spirit. His generosity in sharing ideas and feedback was much beneficial and appreciated. 

Peter’s emphasis on monitoring intention and practicing presence is an element that particularly resonated with me. Some salient and valuable aspects of his personality include his sustained “childhood spirit” exemplified in his sense of wonder and enthusiasm, and his appetite for continuous improvement to reach excellence; both requiring a great deal of humility. 

I am grateful he took time to put together his expertise to spread the “Design with Heart” seeds in the wider community’s fertile land. I ask Allah to accept, bless, and fructify all his endeavours, and to grant him genuine success in both worlds!

Ash Moallim

London, UK

The Masterclass on "The Heart of Design" with Peter Gould has been an unforgettable blessing. Each week I was inspired to reflect within; whilst gaining new life long skills and reconnecting back to our rich tradition

This course will reawaken your inner creativity and align it with our true purpose both in spirituality and life goals.
Upon completing this incredible course, I was equipped with both confidence and heart centred design principles to transform my vision for a project into reality. This was a dream come true. 

Thank you to the team at Gould studio for facilitating this inspiring course. And thank you Peter, for being an outstanding visionary, for illuminating this transformative journey and for inspiring me to envision and truly believe that we can all contribute towards bringing much needed light and beauty into the digital age.

Thank you

Osama Hassan

Sydney, Australia

I recently completed The Heart of Design by Peter Gould, which offered a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth at the intersection of #design, #entrepreneurship and #spirituality.

Taking us on an inspiring five-week journey, Peter outlined how a designer’s mindset, when “heart-centered”, can help professional’s align their spiritual aspirations with meaningful and enriching work.

Thank you Peter for building, leading, and presenting such a creative and inspiring course. I wish Gould Studio all the best with its creative projects, and hope to attend similar courses with you in the future.

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Edan Marulanda

Istanbul, Turkey

JazakAllah khayran for a valuable, heart-centered and very special 5-week journey. I was initially unsure of what to expect from the Heart of Design course, but I felt certain that there was much to learn from Peter's vast experience. 

I came into this course as an artist, writer and photographer who for years had reflected the Islamic principle of ihsan in my work. Being at the cusp of launching several projects, I convinced myself that this course would be able to help me put my spiritually-driven focus in line with the entrepreneurial journey. 

Almost immediately, Peter set about laying the foundations of Heart-centered work within a professional framework; sharing years of personal experience, mantras and must-reads which encouraged participants to embrace his vision for community-focused ethical enterprise true to our traditions. 

May Allah swt continue to increase Peter and his team and make him a reviver of Sincerity, Excellence, Gratitude and Service. Ameen!

Salwa Faour

Dubai, UAE

An amazing masterclass masha'Allah! This course is the missing piece of the puzzle that connects our purpose of life, and the path Allah wants us to follow with our professional and practical daily routine and decisions. With his sincere and humble approach, Peter Gould shares his successful experiences and clarifies the lenses through which we view the existing practical and professional world around us. In his 'Heart of Design' program, he speaks and teaches with 'heart', promotes 'heart-centered' principles, and connects 'like-hearted' people whom I'm grateful to have known throughout this course. 

It was an honor and a blessing to have been part of this experience. Thank you Gould Studio team for the wonderful journey!

Sharif Shawky

I just want to let you know that just after this short time in the course I start to see the seeds of a life changing path, some early internal prototypes. I want to thank you for putting this course together. The material is more than amazing. May Allah reward you.

Never have I felt such a synchronicity, and in my case, going thru private big life transformations and very heavy trials this course literally helps me on all levels of life.

I am really curious on what Allah will bring into my life and the outcomes out of it. May it be khair. For the first time in my life I sense a beginning of a truly holistic coherence inshaAllah. Exciting. Alhamdulillah Ya Kāliq, Ya Bāri’, Ya Musawwir, Ya Jamīl, Ya Fattāh

Jazak Allahu Khair dear brother 🌹❤️🌹


Imene Designs

Assalam alaykoum everyone
I just couldn’t resist to give a quick feedback after watching the zoom recording ❤️

The Heart of Design consept is so very comforting to me. When I graduated from my business school  10 years ago, I went through a long long period of questioning.

Now I can say that I was trying to bridge the spiritual side and the « wordly side ». Until lately, I thought I was completely off track. It’s been years and this feels so comforting that I needed to share it and to thank @peter and all the team behind this course :star:️ And to see all these inspiring people here is so exciting ❤️

Noor Al-Mosawi

Toronto, Canada

During the Spring of 2020, I came across The Heart of Design course by the luminous Peter Gould of Gould Studio I wasn’t in a position to register for the course at the time but made sure to take a screenshot and save the post to the ‘Creative Inspiration/Goals’ folder on my phone. Fast forward to the spring of this year, I saw that the course was being offered again and was grateful to have the opportunity to register for and attend the 5-week program.

I was initially a bit anxious about being able to attend the classes live due to the time zone difference (6:00am EST start) but found that I was able to arrange my schedule for the week so that I would have enough energy to wake up a few hours before my work day on Wednesday mornings. The classes were thankfully recorded as well, so I would be able to rewatch/catch up on any segments that I missed. Each class was timely, uplifting and comforting in providing a structure, foundation and insight for what I have felt is possible regarding business and entrepreneurship. I have also been able to expand my definition of and perspective on success and what it means to be creative, as well as work on growing back my creative and entrepreneurial wings. It was incredibly inspiring to be part of a cohort of so many amazing individuals as well, masha’Allah! (Thank you Sobia and Sukaina for helping me work through my imposter syndrome 💕).

One of the many takeaways from the course is the importance of keeping company with souls who have an open, optimistic, creative and heart-centered mindset as well as thinking of success in a long-term capacity. The past few weeks have changed how I feel about the road ahead, alhamdulillah, despite not knowing what the future holds ☺️

If you’re just embarking on your journey as a creative or entrepreneur or are a seasoned professional, I highly recommend this course if you have the chance.

May we all continue to connect, create, inspire and share our light as we journey onward."

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