The Heart of Design

Design as a Spiritual Practice

At the intersection of design, entrepreneurship and spirituality is a profound opportunity for personal and professional growth.

This course will inspire your journey towards aligning spiritual aspirations with meaningful, enriching work. Themes and topics include:

1. Embracing Design

  • Understand the role and potential of design in our world during uncertain times
  • Reframe personal goals, community and global problems as design challenges
  • Discover and embrace Design Thinking as a transformational mindset

2. Design With Heart

  • Align deep inner purpose and spiritual aspirations with meaningful work
  • Redefine success to consider spiritual & life goals beyond commercial outcomes
  • Envisioning your journey ahead with engaging, interactive learning activities

3. Walking the Path

  • Embrace creative & spiritual practises for fostering & maintaining energy
  • Learn practical tools developed by Peter over years of personal experience
  • Design your personal Life Mosaic at the intersection of design & spirituality.

4. Finding the Way

  • Feel inspired by successful startup founders & established creative leaders
  • Experience entrepreneurship as a transformative, not transactional journey
  • Learn ways to overcome tribulations and setbacks on the road towards success

5. Illuminating the Road

  • Connect with inspiring, like-hearted people across the globe
  • Build a tribe and community to share and enrich your vision
  • Share in discussions with companions seeking purpose and balance

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